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Linus Tordvalds opina

Linus Torvalds 2010-11-30 20:50:25 EST
(In reply to comment #128)
> In Adobe's software.
> > I'm no great fan of flash but it's an essential part of life on the web these
> > days and I had thought that the Fedora project had finally put its days of
> > broken flash support behind it.
> Fedora's flash support is fine. Adobe's software is broken.

Quite frankly, I find your attitude to be annoying and downright stupid.

How hard can it be to understand the following simple sentence:


Pushing the blame around doesn't help anybody. The only thing that helps is
Fedora being helpful, not being obstinate.

Also, the fact is, that from a Q&A standpoint, a memcpy() that "just does the
right thing" is simply _better_. Quoting standards is just stupid, when there's
two simple choices: "it works" or "it doesn't work because bugs happen".

Standards are paper. I use paper to wipe my butt every day. That's how much
that paper is worth.

Reality is what matters. When glibc changed memcpy, it created problems. Saying
"not my problem" is irresponsible when it hurts users.

And pointing fingers at Adobe and blaming them for creating bad software is
_doubly_ irresponsible if you are then not willing to set a higher standard for
your own project. And "not my problem" is not a higher standard.

So please just fix it.

The easy and technically nice solution is to just say "we'll alias memcpy to
memmove - good software should never notice, and it helps bad software and a
known problem".

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