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portable firebird


Setting up a portable Firebird Full with VS 2010
Setting up a Portable Firebird

Downloaded the ziped version of Firebird:
Extact to a folder
I prefer classic architecture running as an application (you do not need FB Guard also The path to file with or without a missing / in the beginning will not cause DB corruption).
Start the server with the bat file containing:
"./FIREBIRD/bin/fb_inet_server.exe" -a -p 3050
using this you can change the port to something else. The -p switch is optional. Even allocate the port dynamically from your application. Also you can use the -n switch to start it silently:
"./FIREBIRD/bin/fb_inet_server.exe" -a -n -p 3050
Stopping the portable classic server is easy. Just kill the process fb_inet_server. Of course this is assuming your application is done with everything (no pending transactions). There is no point in leaving the server running.
Changing the SYSDBA Password (default:masterkey) Actually it is masterke (since it is limited to 8 characters). But both work :)

FIREBIRD\bin>gsec -user sysdba -password masterkey
GSEC>modify sysdba -pw yourpass
yourpass will be the new password

Connect to the database (connection String):


for softwares (e.g. FB development studio) that do not give you the option of port separately you need to specify the server as "IP/port". They use fbclient.dll
For setting up Visual Studio 2010 with ADO.NET Entity Framework Designer just follow the procedure in the below post:


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